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 Knowledge base released !!

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Mod Glenn
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2006Scape UOF Admin
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Knowledge base released !! Empty
PostSubject: Knowledge base released !!   Knowledge base released !! EmptySat Jun 09, 2012 11:20 am

Yesterday, Mod Jack H announced the long-awaited Knowledge Base

Today introduces the latest edition to the website: Knowledge Base. As you may already be aware from our Behind the Scenes I've been working on lots of new additons to the website including the Knowledge Base which is the last task to tick off my list! Now this means you can view everything to do with in-game and website content, from minigames, skills to password support and internet safety. This project was the biggest I've ever had to work on so far and it seems it's worked out to be a pretty good job considering all of your comments in Website Feedback and Recent Updates. So thank you for that!

The Knowledge Base consists of various different topics which are listed below:

Knowledge Base Home
Getting Started
Parent's Guide
Safety & Security
Customer Support
Comment on our service
Report Bug/Fault

In each topic you will find many sub-topics relating to different parts of the in-game content and website content. You can easily navigate between them via the homepage and Knowledge Base Home. Now, as you may imagen there are going to be a few bugs and errors lying around and it's your job (as the community) to help me find these and correct them accordingly. This means if a certain page shouldn't be there, wrong section, spelling error or broken links I would like you to report it under the section "Report a bug/fault" so I can view each one and squash those bugs!

If you have any questions about the knowledge base, or how to get your fan website on the QuestHelp list via the homepage then feel free to contact me via the website or in-game (Pre-Alpha).

At this time we are not looking for new websites to add to the QuestHelp collection, this may change prior the release of Pre-Alpha.

In other news...

Mod Steve has been working extremely hard to bring you the Account Management and Account Recovery section and many other updates this month! Without his efforts to bring it all out this month you wouldn't be able to recover your accounts or read messages from Administrators. Not only this, Mod Steve has been working overtime Behind the Scenes to make sure everything is working smoothly, so a big thanks to him!

Knowledge base released !! Crown-goldMod Jack H
Web-Content Developer

There are still alot of bugs in the Knowledge base, so if you find one please report them here : QFC : 2-3-574-55400

You can access the Knowledge base here


Knowledge base released !! Crown-gold Mod Glenn
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Knowledge base released !!
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