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 Release Date of 2006Scape Pre-Alpha

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2006Scape UOF Admin
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Release Date of 2006Scape Pre-Alpha Empty
PostSubject: Release Date of 2006Scape Pre-Alpha   Release Date of 2006Scape Pre-Alpha EmptyWed May 30, 2012 11:25 am

Release Date of 2006Scape Pre-Alpha Empty
As said by Mod Vault . Game will come on June 23, 2012 at 4:00PM EST

New Pre-Alpha Date
This month has been one long, stressful roller coaster ride. The entire team has been working extremely hard to have Pre-Alpha out this month. As we're approaching the end of May, that won't be possible.

Before you rage and do whatever it might be that are thinking of doing, we have some good news. We have finally chosen the perfect date for Pre-Alpha and we've added a countdown to the front page of the website so that you all know exactly when it will be online (give or take a few minutes).

Because we feel bad for delaying Pre-Alpha even further, we decided to give out 1 free donator status to a random active member of 2006Scape every day until Pre-Alpha! We will use a random number generator and compare that number to the userid of a member on the website (they must be an active member to win). You will be messaged via our message center if you won!

We finally decided to have Pre-Alpha on June 23, 2012 at 4:00PM EST (Eastern Time). There are a few reasons as to why it's so late in the month:

We are not quite ready to release it this early. We still have to add following, friend/ignore list, private messaging, and fixing some bugs that we've found along the way (some major).
I am also moving houses towards the end of the month of May (May 31st and June 1st to be exact). This prevented us from having Pre-Alpha early June because I won't have internet for a solid week after we move. I need to be around for Pre-Alpha because of possible issues, attacks, etc.
The week after I move, I have 5 exams. The first exam is on June 11th, and the last is on June 18th. I didn't want Pre-Alpha to launch in that time because I wouldn't have any time to be around either.
We decided that June 23, 2012 would be the perfect date for Pre-Alpha, because it's a Saturday and I'm completely free.
This extension gives us loads of time to completely finish any content we don't yet have and gives us tons of time to fix bugs we find, and finally prepare for Pre-Alpha.

Again, we are deeply, deeply, deeply sorry that we couldn't have Pre-Alpha ready for this month, but we just weren't prepared enough and too much got in the way. We hope to see you in June for our first big release though! Wink

Release Date of 2006Scape Pre-Alpha Mod_gold Mod Vault
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Release Date of 2006Scape Pre-Alpha
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